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Pure Silver Concave Ultra-High Relief One Kilogram Coin - 100th Anniversary of CN Rail - Mintage: 400 (2019)

Pure Silver Concave Ultra-High Relief One Kilogram Coin - 100th Anniversary of CN Rail - Mintage: 400 (2019)

$2,499.95 CAD

Payment plan options available

Mintage: 400
Canada and US only

Celebrate CN's centennial with this spectacular 99.99% pure silver one kilogram showpiece. Order today!

A faraway whistle, the rumble of wheels coming down the track. For many Canadians, these are the sounds of history itself. A century of innovation and change has been delivered to our communities by way of CN's rail network, which continues to provide us with vital goods and services today. To mark CN's centennial year, this commemorative piece invites you to take a (train) trip down memory lane. A large (161.8 mm x 100 mm) oval shape makes this an exquisite portrait of our rail past, while a concave panoramic view pulls you deeper into the design. The star of this tribute is CN 6060, engraved in ultra high relief, the late-era locomotive is a standout symbol of rail history, especially when tinted by a nostalgic antique finish.

No. 6060:

Built in 1944 by Montreal Locomotive Works, CN's first U-1-f Mountain locomotive was initially used on short freight runs. Its sleek design and long-distance capacity made it well suited for passenger traffic, and the 6060 was soon assigned to CN's prestigious Canada-wide passenger service until 1960. It was retired and placed on display in Jasper, Alta., until 1972, when it returned to service on tourist excursions in Ontario. Gifted to the people of Alberta in 1980, the 6060 (now known as the “Spirit of Alberta”) is one of three surviving examples of the last steam locomotives purchased by CN before the age of diesel.

STUNNING! Your 99.99% pure silver one kilogram coin celebrates your enthusiasm for CN Rail's history! Order today!

Special features:
  • A PREMIUM OFFERING! Your coin is a premium offering that commemorates CN's 100th anniversary by celebrating its legacy and place in Canadian history.
  • OBLONG KILO COIN! The oblong shape transforms this coin into a portrait of a bygone era, while its concave design pulls you deeper into the scene. The extra-wide dimension (161.8 mm x 100 mm) also allows for a panoramic view that hints at the grandeur of the Canadian landscape, with the train representing a key link between communities.
  • ULTRA HIGH RELIEF ENGRAVING! Ultra high relief engraving adds 4 mm of relief and keeps the focus on the train-shaped symbol of 100 years of history.
  • ANTIQUE FINISH! An antique finish imparts a sense of nostalgia to this design by engraver Matt Bowen.
  • SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! Your coin includes a serialized certificate!
  • LOW MINTAGE! Limited to just 400 coins worldwide.


This oblong $250 coin is 99.99% pure silver, with a diameter of 161.8 millimetres by 100 millimetres and a nominal metal weight of 1,010 grams. Designed by Royal Canadian Mint engraver Matt Bowen, the concave-shaped reverse brings CN's golden age of steam back to life. A panoramic view hints at Canada's vast wilderness and features some of the scenery that defined a Canadian rail journey. Engraved in ultra high relief, CN 6060 rounds a bend as the steam locomotive hauls a line of passenger cars across a truss bridge. An antique finish completes the rail tribute and heightens the sense of nostalgia.

“The Oblong UHR Kilo is a relatively new format for the RCM, in fact for any mint. I was honoured to design and model the first Oblong UHR Kilo featuring the Voyageurs. And when we decided to do a second coin, I wanted to stay on the theme of transportation and explore how the act of moving goods, people and ideas was actually the thread that stitched our Canada together out of the landscape.

Canadian National Railway is having its 100th anniversary, so there was no better time to honour this milestone on a coin. It was a privilege to design and sculpt it for them.

The 100mm by 161.8mm size is based on the Golden Ratio. It has a curvature depth of 20mm and for myself, this is the most challenging and the most rewarding format to design and sculpt for a coin. The oblong shape combined with the concave surface allows me to exaggerate the illusion of perspective, while the 4mm relief height gives me the opportunity to showcase the train in full detail.”
Matthew Bowen, Engraver, Royal Canadian Mint: The Artist


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maple wooden box with a black beauty box.

Order today!


One of a kind for a genre I like


This isn't really a "coin" is it? But as an ex railroader I'm a sucker for rail related collectibles. Hopefully all the centennials are done with and I can put some bacon on the table again.

The Velvet Glove

Winnipeg, centre of the continent


woooow real showpiece leaves u in aww


not for everyone but sure believe alot out there would love to own one


thorold on .ca


Truly a work of art


This is one coin you will want to put on display as a work of art. The mint has done a great job all around.




Too bad


I would have loved to purchase a kilo coin commemorating the 100th anniversary of CN. We are a CN family and so the history of the company is meaningful. I bought the lovely 100th anniversary CN gold coin for its wonderful depiction of three historic engines. Beautiful work. Had the Mint just produced a very nice, "normal" coin I would have purchased it too. But I think this exaggerated, curved design is more reminiscent of a bowl than it is a coin. Especially with the antique finish. Yes, the design is very nice but had this been done on a normal surface with a silver finish, I would have been in. Too bad, it just doesn't feel like a coin to me.





4.0 4



  • No.173835
  • Mintage400
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishantique
  • Weight (g) 1,010
  • Diameter (mm) 161.8 mm x 100 mm
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value250 dollars
  • ArtistMatt Bowen (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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