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From Far and Wide - Canadian Circulation 6-Coin Set (2018)

From Far and Wide - Canadian Circulation 6-Coin Set (2018)

$29.95 CAD
Mintage: While Supplies Last
Canada and US only

WOW! Includes a 50-cent glow-in-the-dark coin! Order today!

In many hearts and minds, the 49th parallel is where Canada begins. Your 6-coin circulation set is a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the 49th parallel, the famous border between Canada and the United States of America. It's the perfect starter set for a new collector, as it includes all the circulation coins in 2018 as well as features an exclusive piece: a glow-in-the-dark 50-cent coin that maps our patriotic pride!

Your affordable circulation 6-coin set is a great keepsake to remember 2018! Order yours today!

Special features:
  • THE BICENTENNIAL OF THE 49TH PARALLEL! Your circulation 6-coin set celebrates Canada while commemorating the 200th anniversary of a famous boundary—the 49th parallel.
  • ONLY AVAILABLE AS PART OF THIS SET! Your 6-coin set includes a special edition 50-cent coin that glows in the dark—and it's only available as part of this set. In the dark, glow-in-the-dark technology lights up the whole map, along with the latitude and longitude lines!
  • GLOW-IN-THE-DARK TECHNOLOGY ON YOUR 50-CENT COIN! Your 50-cent coin combines engraving, colour, and glow-in-the-dark technology—three technologies on one coin! To activate the effect, hold the coin set under a light source for 30-60 seconds, and then view the 50-cent coin in darkness.
  • ONE OF EVERY DENOMINATION! Your set also features one of every denomination in circulation in 2018: $2, $1, 25-cent, 10-cent, and 5-cent coins.
  • NONE OF THESE COINS HAVE BEEN CIRCULATED! These are new coins that were taken directly from the press at our Winnipeg facility and packaged together in this special 6-coin set.
  • READY TO DISPLAY WITH PRIDE! All six coins are packaged together in a colourful presentation card with a built-in support flap that turns it into an instant display.


On your special-edition 50-cent coin, the image by Steve McPhee features the red-and-white flag of Canada, which is superimposed over all of Canada on an outline map. An engraved line highlights the International Boundary known as the 49th parallel, which marks its bicentennial in 2018. In the dark, glow-in-the-dark technology lights up the whole map, along with the latitude and longitude lines. The reverse includes the engraved word "CANADA" and the commemorative dates "1818 – 2018". The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Did you know…
  • The Convention of 1818 was a treaty between Great Britain and the United States:
    It stipulated that the western boundary between British North America and the United States should follow the 49th parallel from Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains (known to many English speakers as the "Stony Mountains" at the time). But it divided more than Americans and British North Americans: the international boundary also transected the ancestral lands of several First Nations.
  • The boundary was extended to the Pacific in 1846:
    The Oregon Treaty of 1846 extended the land boundary to the Strait of Georgia, but it gave rise to a dispute over the sea boundary between the mainland and Vancouver Island. This dispute was settled by international arbitration in 1872.
  • By the numbers:
    Total length of the International Boundary between Canada and the United States: 8,891 km (the longest land border shared by two countries).
  • A few other Canadian boundaries defined by longitude or latitude:
    • The 60th parallel north forms the mainland boundary between four Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) and the territories (Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories).
    • The 120th meridian west forms the northern border between British Columbia and Alberta (but the southern portion follows the Continental Divide).
  • Where in the world...
    Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France's busiest airport, sits on the 49th parallel north, which also runs through the region of Normandy.


All six coins are packaged together in a colourful presentation card with a built-in support flap that turns it into an instant display.

Order yours today!


Canadian unique


Nice piece especially with the Canadian flag


Beaumont alberta


Yes great and attractive display


personal enjoyment

Jungle Ralph

Canada , Ontario


Value 50 cent piece.


size and quality make for a great item of interest




Interesting variation of the annual collection theme


The inclusion of the enamelled and fluorescent oversized 50¢ coin was what drew me to this collection... I'm yet to be convinced that these annual collections, even with unique coins, are really value for money, however (the 8 or so times the coin value seems extreme, even allowing for the necessary selection of circulation coins) - though I imagine I'll continue buying them on occasion...


Cambridge ON




I feel the Mint makes too many coins - birds, flowers. etc. They aren't as special anymore. I have several sets, coins in circulation type. I even collected all the different state ones.


Vernon, BC Canada


Truly Canadian


Good collection that reflects our Nationality.

Giant Tiger



very good product and service




penticton bc canada


Beautiful coins


The child will have a momento from his baptism signifying the year he was born and his paternal ancestry.




A deal! A deal!


see above




Interesting combination


No comment .

lil Colonel

Ontario, Canada



4.5 82


Is product Number 168491 Uncirculated Set 2019 available?

Jim Smith

Hello Jim and thank you for asking. The Uncirculated Set (2019) is still available. You may order online or by calling our Customer Solution Centre at 1-800-267-1871.


Can you please advise when the 2019 uncirculated sets will be available? Thanks.


Hello Doug and thank you for asking. We do not have this information yet. We suggest you visit our website on a regular basis to view our new releases.


is this from far and wide available at post office in MARKHAM ONTARIO OR STOUFFVILLE ONTARIO


Hello and thank you for asking. Unfortunately, we do not have this information. You would have to contact them directly as each Post Office orders different items to showcase and sell.


Is the Bicentennial of the 49th Parallel available in Midland Ont?


Hello and thank you for asking. We do not have this information, you would need to contact coin dealers in your area.


why isn't the $ 0.50 piece real ? We're already spending over 10 times it's monetary value, so why isn't it the real deal as Bagpiper from Calgary is telling us


Hello and thank you for asking. The 50 cent piece is a real coin but it is no longer in circulation. That is one of the reasons why collectors buy them, for the rarity of the piece.


Can I order the Viola Desmond $10.00 bill^


You can only get them from the banks. I managed to get a few with sequenced serial numbers. Get to know your bankers well.


Hello Angie and thank you for asking. We only sell coins here at the Mint, please contact the Bank of Canada at 1-800-303-1282 as they are responsible for the production of banknotes.


Can these coins be cashed in for face value in the future


Hello and thank you for asking. These coins are circulation coins and can be used when making a purchase. The 50-cent piece is a circulation coin but is hardly ever used anymore.


Can the coins be removed from the presentation card?


Hello and thank you for asking. The coins can be removed from the collector card.


Is there a different finish on the reverse of the coins of the collector card - "the 49th parallel" and why is this not mentioned in the description of the finish?


Hello and thank you for asking. All coins have a uncirculated finish both on the reverse and obverse of the coins.



  • No.170281

2 dollars

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel (outer ring); three-ply brass finish plated aluminum bronze (inner core)
  • Finishuncirculated
  • Weight (g) 6.99
  • Diameter (mm) 28
  • Edgeinterrupted serrations
  • ArtistBrent Townsend (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

1 dollar

  • Compositionthree-ply brass plated steel
  • Finishuncirculated
  • Weight (g) 6.27
  • Diameter (mm) 26.5
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistRobert-Ralph Carmichael (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

From Far And Wide - 50 cents

  • Compositionnickel-plated steel
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 12.61
  • Diameter (mm) 35
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistSteve McPhee (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

25 cents

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishuncirculated
  • Weight (g) 4.4
  • Diameter (mm) 23.88
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistEmanuel Hahn (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

10 cents

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishuncirculated
  • Weight (g) 1.75
  • Diameter (mm) 18.03
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistEmanuel Hahn (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

5 cents

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishuncirculated
  • Weight (g) 3.95
  • Diameter (mm) 21.2
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistG.E. Kruger Gray (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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