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Starting your collection

When you think about coins, what is it that piques your interest? Is it the glimmer and gleam of gold and silver? Are you drawn to certain designs? To a specific era? Perhaps a particular technique appeals to your eye: holograms, coloured or bi-metallic coins.

Whatever your interest or motivation, you can be sure of one thing: collecting coins is an investment in knowledge.

To help start your coin collection, you'll need a toolkit:

  • A magnifying glass (ideally 7x magnification) can help decipher a coin's details
  • A basic reference book to identify your coins
  • A method for classifying and keeping track of your collection: a notebook, index cards or special software
  • A place to keep your collection: an album, a drawer, a collector card or a safety deposit box

Coin collectors, as a rule, do not need a lot of specialized equipment. Many supplies - coin sleeves, albums and such - can be found at coin stores. For additional information, consult a coin club, coin dealer or the Canadian Numismatic Association

One of the appealing aspects of collecting coins is that you can put together an interesting array on almost any budget. One common habit of successful Canadian coin collectors is that they devote time to research. Learn as much as you can about the coins you intend to collect, so that you can recognize a rare coin when you see one.