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My Canada My Inspiration

Created by Canadians, Inspired by Canada

In 2017, we celebrate everything it means to be Canadian: the wonders of our country, our achievements, character and passions — and the vision we have for our future. In honour of that historic event, the Royal Canadian Mint invited Canadians across the country to submit and vote on designs for a brand-new series of commemorative coins that will circulate all year long: My Canada, My Inspiration.

Reimagining iconic Canadian symbols and depicting some of our most striking sights, this is pocket change as diverse as our country. Evoking the history we share and the values we stand for, the My Canada, My Inspiration coin collection is designed by Canadians for Canadians exclusively for Canada's 150th anniversary year.

The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary— a once-in-a-generation event for all Canadians. In honour of this historic occasion, we are introducing new commemorative circulation and collectible coins exclusively for 2017.


Discover the Coins

Meet the Artists

Dance of the Spirits

$2 coin

Connecting a Nation

$1 coin

Hope for a Green Future

25-cent coin

Wings of Peace

10-cent coin

Living Traditions

5-cent coin