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Circulation coins

The Mint's high-tech plant in Winnipeg produces over 1 billion circulation coins each year. You find them in your pocket and use them for tips, parking meters, vending machines, piggy banks… As they say – change is good!

The Mint also issues special circulation coins to mark events or occasions, such as the coloured Poppy quarter, the Millennium series of 25-cent coins and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascot coins.

Did you know?

Winnipeg's high-speed circulation presses can produce 20 million coins each day. That's 750 coins per second!

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Collector coins

The Mint produces limited-mintage numismatic coins honouring major national achievements and themes. Though they bear a denomination, they are not meant for circulation, and their actual worth is usually significantly greater than their face value.

Crafted of gold, silver or platinum, the Mint's collector coins are individually handled as they enter the presses. A single coin may be struck up to three times to achieve a crisp, flawless impression. Certain coins feature the Mint's proprietary technologies: double holograms, selective plating, colouring or laser enhancement.

Did you know?

In 1998, the Royal Canadian Mint struck a 99999 fine gold collector coin, 34 mm in diameter – the largest coin ever produced with so high a level of purity.

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Gifts souvenirs

Coin sets, timepieces, commemorative medallions, jewellery… from extravagant to accessible, the Mint has gifts for every budget. When you need to find a high-quality gift, look in The Royal Canadian Mint store – our keepsake sets are are struck with the same care and precision usually reserved for our collector coins.

Collector coins are valuable gifts that last a lifetime and beyond. You're sure to find something to please a sports fan, history buff, nature lover or a collector of Canadiana. And if you're looking for a unique gift, the Mint's exclusive watches feature numismatic coins perfectly reproduced to form beautiful, functional faces.

Did you know?

About 60% of the gold used by the Royal Canadian Mint is from Canadian sources.

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The Mint refines and produces Maple Leaf bullion coins, gold kilo bars, trade bars and gold wafers. All are struck with their weight, gold purity level and the Royal Canadian Mint hallmark.

Introduced in 1979, our precision-crafted 24-karat Gold Maple Leaf coins have become the standard by which other bullion coins are measured. The world's first bullion coins to reach the heightened level of 9999 purity, each one bears the 9999 hallmark, a mint mark and a reverse-proof maple leaf.

Did you know?

In 1998, the Mint produced a "5 nines" or "99999 fine" numismatic coin for the first time, hallmarked to designate gold of the highest recognized level of purity.

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