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Lean Enterprise

The value of being lean

Throughout our company, from the refinery to coin production, from e-business to packaging and marketing, Lean Enterprise principles have been put into practice to eliminate waste and enhance efficiency. Every day we become more responsive, flexible and adaptive to the dynamic environment in which we do business.

For example, we have reduced lead times in new product development, in engraving, in die production and bullion production. We have introduced bar coding in our plants to enable real-time inventory tracking. We have also made our shipping system more responsive, to facilitate rapid order fulfillment.

Focusing on the customer

A Lean Enterprise is more flexible, more agile - and more focused on customers. A perfect example of this is the Mint's decision to limit the mintages of our collector products: by restricting the number of coins made available to the public, the Mint enhances their appeal in secondary trading and increases the coins' value for dealers and collectors.