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Purpose and Collection

By participating in the Contest, each entrant provides their personal information for the purpose of allowing the Mint to administer the Contest and for related activities that are described to you herein. The Mint collects information provided directly to the Mint as part of Contest entry conditions where the Contest is administered via our website. Where the Contest involves our social media platform pages (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), the Mint collects your information that is part of a post or reply responding to, or referencing, the Contest. Please refrain from providing the personal information of other individuals in any Contest entry. If you are selected as a winner, the Mint may contact you directly to request additional personal information needed to administer the contest and any associated prizes.

Use and Disclosure

The personal information collected to administer the Contest will be used and disclosed for the above purposes as needed, which may entail contacting and publicly announcing winners, coordinating the provision of the Contest prize and/or auditing an active or concluded Contest. The Mint may also use or disclose personal information for promotional purposes relating to the Contest entered or future contests. There are also other circumstances in which the Mint may be required to disclose personal information where required or permitted to by law, which includes disclosures to law enforcement.

Keeping your Information Secure

The personal information collected will be stored according to our obligations under applicable privacy law and our privacy policy. The Mint endeavours to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal information in our custody and control at all times by maintaining rigorous physical, technical and administrative safeguards.

Third Parties

The Mint may engage third party service providers (“service providers”) for purposes such as administering a Contest and the safe storage of personal information. Our service providers have contractual obligations to maintain security safeguards for any personal information they collect process or store on our behalf. Please note that our service providers may host personal information on servers located in other countries and accordingly, your personal information may become subject to laws in other jurisdictions including the United States.


Please direct questions about this privacy notice to