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Frozen in Ice - 1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured 2-Coin Subscription - Mintage: 5,000 (2018)

Frozen in Ice - 1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured 2-Coin Subscription - Mintage: 5,000 (2018)

$109.95 CAD  per coin
Issue Name Expected shipping date Price
1 Woolly Mammoth 08/2019 $109.95
2 Scimitar Sabre-Tooth Cat 09/2019 $109.95
Mintage: 5,000
Canada and US only

TWO INNOVATIVE “FROZEN-IN-ICE” DESIGNS! Subscribe today to the 2-coin series!

History doesn’t get much cooler than this! Introducing the first coin in your exciting new series featuring Ice Age animals discovered by palaeontologists and archaeologists across Canada. Your first coin is a one-ounce coin of 99.99% pure silver that features exceptional design, highly detailed engraving, selective colour, and a unique chunk of ‘ice’! In addition, your coin features a herd of Mammuthus primigenius—the iconic woolly mammoth—ranging across North America’s Ice Age tundra.

History doesn’t get much cooler than your two “frozen in ice” coins! Order today!

Special features:
  • 2-COIN SUBSCRIPTION! Subscribe today* and then relax knowing you will receive both coins (each coin $109.95). Your credit card is charged only when your coin ships! Coins in your subscription include:
    • Coin 1: Woolly Mammoth (priced at $109.95, expected ship date April 2018)
    • Coin 2: Scimitar Sabre-Tooth Cat (priced at $109.95, expected ship date June 2018)
  • INNOVATIVE “FROZEN-IN-ICE” DESIGN! An ‘ice bubble’ was applied over top the Ice Age animals while around the perimeter of the ice bubble is a simulated frost effect. Outside of the ice bubble, both Ice Age animals were struck—with no colour—capturing the true essence of its unique time in prehistoric history.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! Regardless of special packaging, the Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins!
  • 1 OZ. 99.99% PURE SILVER! Your two coins have no GST/HST!
  • LOW MINTAGE! Only 5,000 coins will be made worldwide—order today!

About the first coin design:

Designed by Canadian artist Glen Loates, your first coin in your 2-coin subscription portrays a snowy Ice Age landscape with a herd of mammoth traversing a frozen plain. The image centres on a single mammoth who faces the viewer, its massive tusks rising high into the sky. The image is overlain with a frosted “ice” like dome. The portion of the portrait under the ice is coloured, while the remainder of the image is struck-only. The reverse includes the text “CANADA” and the date “2018.” The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt, as well as the coin value of “20 DOLLARS.”


Your coins are encapsulated and presented separately in Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshells with black beauty boxes.

Order your 2-coin subscription today!

* Credit card purchases only, charged upon shipment. After purchasing your first coin, you will automatically receive the subsequent coins when they are released. Coins may not be issued in the same order as listed above. Subscription agreement may be cancelled at your request at any time with a phone call or written notice to the Royal Canadian Mint.


Great Coin A Little Small


The coin was very nice and everyone I have shown it to has liked it a lot. However, they have all needed glasses to actually see and appreciate it. The coin is quite small and because of this the entirety of the coin can not be appreciated. It should have been made with a 2 oz coin. That being said the price compensates this to some degree, but it should have been a 95 dollar coin. The packing was very nice though, it was a large presentation box.


Johnstown Ontario


Trapped in ice


Too small. Needed to be 3 ounce or bigger. 10 ounce?


Hope Mills, NC


Frozen in Ice Meets Global Warming


This pair was a disappointment. As indicated, the 2014-2015 Prehistoric Animal designs y Skreprick and Csotonyl were much more appealing even with the "ice-like dome" which does add enough STUFF (or whatever) to the piece from this collector's perspective.




frozen in ice


i us this to educate my children and grand children on the ice age etc. they are in to dinosaurs

hockey dad

Chico CA


Yes I would buy it again


Add to my collection. It gives the impression that it is coming to life. I find nothing wrong with it.

June bug

Callander Ontario Canada


i would like to see a series on these cions.


save coins for my grand children.


hamilton ontario


nice set


I collect coins




Great Coin


Beautiful coin. Can't wait to get the other two!

Black Sheep

Barrie Ontario Canada


Very unique


The 3D part is really cool


East Texas


Frozen Ice Collection


I collect my coins by what I like and within my budget


Cornwall, Ontario



4.4 15



  • No.168646
  • Mintage5,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.39
  • Diameter (mm) 38
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value20 dollars
  • ArtistGlen Loates (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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